Daisy Duck Lamp
Daisy Duck Lamp
Daisy Duck Lamp
Daisy Duck Lamp
Daisy Duck Lamp
Daisy Duck Lamp
Daisy Duck Lamp

Daisy Duck Lamp

🌛 Soft silicone body, perfect for night-time.

🔌 USB rechargeable for easy power-ups.

⏲️ Tap control for simple brightness changes.

Regular price$22.99
Size chart
Duck name Length Width Height
Bean Duck 4.88 inches 4.13 inches 3.94 inches
Benson Duck 5.0 inches 4.0 inches 4.0 inches
Daffy Duck 3.0 inches 4.3 inches 4.9 inches
Daisy Duck 4.3 inches 5.3 inches 5.9 inches
Dave Duck 2.5 inches 4.0 inches 6.5 inches
Happy Duck 3.95 inches 6.4 inches 4.54 inches

Snuggle Up with the Daisy Duck Lamp!

Encased in high-quality silicone, this LED night lamp is both a delightful decoration and a durable necessity for your kid's bedroom.
It's not just a lamp but a treasured friend, offering a reassuring, warm light with two adjustable brightness levels to ensure the sweetest of dreams.

Illuminate Creatively with the Tap-Controlled Daisy Duck Lamp!

A simple tap on its soft shell lets you switch between brightness settings, making it an engaging and easy-to-use light source for children of all ages.
Bright, gentle LED beads provide a soothing glow that's energy-efficient and eye-friendly, perfect for reading, resting, and guiding your little one to sleep.

Stay Powered Up with Daisy!

With a built-in 1200mAh battery, it's rechargeable via USB, ensuring that this little duck can keep shining from dusk till dawn.
Whether connected to a power bank or a wall socket, it offers lasting luminosity and is the ideal portable light for any adventure—indoors or out.

Don't take our word for it...


My three kids each have a different duck, and they absolutely adore them.

Alice R.

Portland, OR


These ducks have become a staple in our home. Their adorable designs are matched by their quality and versatility.

Ryan C.

Dallas, TX


I never thought a little duck could add so much character to a room. The entire collection is adorable and always makes everything ten times cuter.

Grace B.

Boston, MA


I'm in love with these ducks! They're not just cute; they're crafted with such attention to detail. A delightful addition to any room.

Henry N.

Chicago, IL


Each duck from this collection brings its own unique charm. Whether it's sitting on my desk or lighting up a corner, they always manage to brighten my day.

Zoe E.

San Diego, CA

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