Cozy Quacks & Nighttime Nuzzles.

Dreamy Down Feathers at Your Fingertips.

Slumber with the Softness of Duck Down.



Benson the Duck

As you drift off to sleep, let Benson's soft glow envelop you in comfort, guiding you to a land of sweet dreams. His tender light is a silent promise of companionship through the peaceful night.


Dave the Duck

This drowsy little friend softly lights your way to the land of dreams, promising to keep you safe and comforted through the night. His tender glow is a heartwarming reminder that you're never alone, even in the quietest hours.


Daffy the Duck

As night falls, this charming duckling lamp casts a cozy, reassuring light, guiding you gently into a world of sweet dreams. Its soft illumination is a comforting presence, ensuring peaceful slumber throughout the starlit hours.


Daisy Duck Lamp

Daisy is a beacon of comfort in your child's room. Like a gentle guardian, it stands watch, casting a warm and inviting light that whispers of fairy tales and sweet dreams.


Bean Duck Lamp

The soothing glow and charming duck shape, creates a peaceful atmosphere, and restful night for your child. Its gentle light and friendly design brings a sense of calm and comfort to bedtime routines.


Happy Duck Lamp

This charming lamp, with its friendly duck silhouette, is a source of comfort and happiness, promising sweet dreams and restful nights. Its warm, playful light offers a nurturing atmosphere, ideal for a calming and joyful bedtime experience.


Don't take our word for it...


Daffy is perfect more my 4 year-old son. He loves it so much, sometimes he put it right next to his pillow so they both are cuddles up!

Jeanine L.



Benson is personally my favorite duck! I love the material he's made out of, and the battery life is amazing!

Emma S.

Ottawa, Canada


Dave is honestly my more favorited out of them all, even though they are all adorable!

Elsie B.

Hertford, UK


I've honestly had to keep coming back to buy more ducks! They are all so adorable. My entire family fell in love instantly upon seeing them!

Carlos M.

Brasília, Brazil


The kids love Dave and the exhausted duck! They put them right not to each other right before they go to sleep.

Mike N.

Canberra, Australia

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